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Official site of Seattle-based Indie / Alternative / Folk /Avant Rock band
"Engineer By Profession. Artist By Passion." - PsM

Psychic Monkey™ (PsM) is an experimental, neo-folk, Indy band based in the Seattle area.

PsM is a direct manifestation of just one white-collar guy's passion.

It's a solo band created in my den for nothing but fun and relaxation. In dealing with everyday work and life's challenges and responsibilities, I recognized the need to seek an escape. Despite having a full-time career in the high-tech industry, a day/family guy in the remaining time, the thirst for music, creation, and sports remained acute.

Of many, sometimes disruptive interests, my  passion for arts and music was not something I would do completely without. While I listen daily to many different types of music (in car, online, at home), I don't intend to play all types.

Unlike many musicians, I didn't own a music instrument, nor would I know what to do with one until I was into my late teen years. It was the time when I was a student in Greece and experienced  living alone in a foreign land. With much time, little money, and lots of energy, I started out with a vanilla acoustic guitar and a beginner's guide to chords and how to hold and strum.

Over the years, I toyed with my guitar(s), wrote some lyrics, and recorded tracks for fun and experimentation. Not too long after, the tracks were shared online. Then with the pervasive  web presence, coupled with encouragement from some friends and family members, the tracks earned a bit more visibility.

As number of cover songs and originals grew, I decided to 'package' them in albums...and tossed them out in the wild for free. The band Psychic Monkey was born in 2008. My motto: There's  profession,  and then there's passion. Often they're not the same.

While all the tunes are played in acoustic-electric guitars, the focus has been on bringing out the power of raw guitar notes and chords, and getting the core message out via lyrics. There's been many influences, primarily some well-known bands in folks, alternative, and Indy genre. What electronic wizardry is applied is consciously kept at minimal.

I play for fun; not money or fame. So, whatever I create, I have no qualms about sharing them for free.  All tracks that are available here to download and/or to listen.

Click on Downloads links on the left. Of course, you can just listen to them without downloading too...just click Tracks link.

Interesting Tidbits
I'm left-handed, but play right-handed guitars.

 I listen to all kinds of music including hip-hop, dance, etc. but I enjoy playing certain types only.

I never took a class, nor had a mentor for guitar playing.

Lately I record using POD and DAW on multi-tracks

The originals are my lyrics, tunes, guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, and seldom ACID loops.

My inspirations come in bursts. When they do, I can pump out 1-2 songs in a matter of hours. And sometimes I'm in drought for months+.

I don't practice nearly as much as I should.

I spend a lot of time with my family after work, but also draw/paint/play sports with careful time management.

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