Big City 
Natural Behaviors 
It Ain't Him 
Do You Really Like Me 
Evil Twin 
Nothing To Lose 
Monkey Rush 
Ma Kai 
A Power Plan 
Your New Cow 
From America 
Eugene Clicking-Part II 
Eugene Clicking-Part I 
Blue For Long 
Helping Hand 
Loaded Memories 
Too Soon 
Dirty Li'l Feet 
New Slavery 
Shades Of Gray II 
Gentle River 
Long River 
Castle On Fire! 
Cynthia's Castle
(LIVE-Acoustic instrumental)
A Boy's Dream 
Plenty Of Salt & Iron 
Highway 808
Croc Tears
Wrong Again 
Got A Gun 
Got A Gun - Funk Version 
Crazy Thoughts 
Thievery Economy 
Strawberry Girl 
Shades of Gray 
Tomorrow Is Christmas 
I Own Nothing 
Subhuman - Extended Version 
I Keep Loving 
What If 
Love You My Way 
Sometimes I Wish 
December Wolves 
Mr. Karson 
Dying Of Life 
Love Is An Act 
The Mountain 
Pot Of Gold 
My Name Is Artie